Began Using Defold Engine

Began Using Defold Engine

2021-01-27 0 By hiko

I dropped out from Unity, I try some game engines.
And found “PICO-8”. This is really not “game engine”, but so fun for me.
I made a game, and joined GBjam8 and Ludum Dare 47 with PICO-8.

However, I tried to publish mobile App game. PICO-8 exports basically only HTML. So I started journey for next game engine.

And I found “Godot Engine”, and decided to remake my GBjam8 game “Stick Robot”.

After a month, finally game was done. But…

GooglePlay Test Reports many Crash, Frame rate delay. This game is so heavy.

I understand now it is because UI. Godot Engine’s UI function is so good customable, and easy to make. However, it is heavy. I don’t know it, I made many UI function.
I tried to make game lighter, rewriting code and so on, but I gave up.

So, I tried Defold Engine remake also serve as practicing Defold.

I had gotten interested Defold because language is Lua as same as PICO-8.

This page shows Defold’s Advantage.

『Why Defold?』

it says

  • Truly cross platform
  • Zero-setup policy
  • No breaking changes
  • Small and performant
  • Low level building blocks
  • Iterative workflow

I felt this engine focus on lightness.

Now my impression about Defold, it is less function and simple Game Engine.
So, at first, with Godot is faster than Defold. But, getting used to Defold, I can do more things and more faster.

And Defold forum is good.